Have I mentioned that I really like PBS Game Show? Nice list. :) 

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Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries
 Laura Roslin

That line, “we need to get the hell out of here and we need to start having babies” is what made me love this series. Because the everyday bits of life are so often missing from science fiction - it’s all about the great expanse of the universe or saving it with whatever nifty tech they have in the future, and sex is relegated to “what can we do with kinky cyborgs?”. But Laura reminds Adama that survival is literally dependent on reproduction, with so few of them left. T_T

Teachers having boss ass moments




Col. Jack O’Neill, everyone!

Hey, it’s General Jack O’Neill now!

Still two Ls

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Have some classic Doctor who being awesome to brighten up your day!

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They’ll hold you forever…

They’ll hold you forever…

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Repeat When Necessary


Because this keeps coming up.

You are the perfect size, shape, gender, and sexuality to cosplay that character you love. 

I’m not saying you are NEARLY the perfect size, shape, gender and sexuality to play that character you love.

I am saying you are the EXACTLY CORRECT AND PERFECT size, shape, gender and sexuality to cosplay that character you love.

I know this because that character and I are friends and they TOLD me. It was at a Ben And Jerry’s, over milkshakes. They QUITE SPECIFICALLY SAID that they wished you would cosplay them because the match was so perfect.


They said naysayers can go **** themselves. 

Thank you.


PS.  Good milkshakes, B&J! 


Avengers cast at SDCC 2014

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All that stuff about thigh gaps, and all that stupid shit like that that’s emblematic of the pressures young women are under even more than when I was young. I can say fuck the thigh gap, and people go, oh, maybe that is okay, then. Even just to have one contrary voice in that sea of voices telling them to be thinner, or they’ve got to have perfect flawless skin and have no body-hair or no-one will date them… I wasted so much time when I was younger worrying about fat legs. Fuck it. It’s bollocks.


Louise Brealey, The Herald Interview

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