I’m really enjoying this minor graphics bug right now in SWTOR. These are my 5 level 55 toons in the Shinma Legacy.

Silaelin, my trooper was my first Pub character. Sadly although I love her voice and her story line was fun, the play style wasn’t as much fun for me as I had hoped, so she’s been shelved (plus the clipping - ugh).

Soronume, my Sentinel, is my go to Pub character currently. She was a bit glass-cannon for me, until I got Treek. They are a pretty awesome duo. Also, you rarely see Rattataki on our server of either faction.

Silpion, my sorcerer, was my first Imp character. I love her playstyle, and she has always been able to pull things off she probably shouldn’t be able to.

Serech, my Powertech, was my first tanking character in SWTOR (and MMOs in general - previously I’ve only done hybrid tanks). It has been a lot more fun than I thought it would. I love her jetpack.

Silsereg, my sniper, doesn’t get played much. I loved the agent story line tons, but now that she’s 55 I don’t pull her out as much. I am tempted to run another agent because the story was great - maybe with a Treek companion.

Make me choose asked : Corso Riggs or Vector Hyllus?

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She says she's got nothing left to live for...
     And this time I think you'll know.

You're not alone.

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aveline: my mother is long dead

isabela: my mother is also long dead

anders: i have to assume my mother is also long dead

fenris: i have no memories of my mother

merrill: i am a motherless outcast and some shit went down and now my mother figure is pretty dead

sebastian: what happened to my mother was murder!

varric: oh boy do i have issues with my alcoholic mother

hawke: well i don’t know what’s wrong with you guys my mother is just fi—

hawke: shit

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"What does "Shakarian" mean?"


"What does "Shakarian" mean?"


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xenophilia: an attraction to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs

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so i feel like i should tell you guys that i’ve found the formula for a perfect and incontrovertible insult:



you perfectly rectangular shitbowl!
you obscenely lamentable assbasket!
you fantastically nauseating dicksoiree!

go forth and blaspheme

I am laughing so hard.

Suddenly everything is beautiful.

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endless list of favourite characters: martha jones

"I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I am good."

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30 DAY COLORING CHALLENGE → create a coloring with the base image used twice
↳ ft. ashley, EDI, kasumi & nyreen © 

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